The classic men’s watches from UK fake Vacheron Constantin and replica Tag Heuer Carrera

From a timeless fake Rolex to an endlessly covetable Breitling, here are the UK luxury replica watches that will never go out of style
Buying a fine mechanical super clone watch is a bit like buying a car. You may know which brand you want but, once you get in the showroom, you realise the models – and variations thereof – are practically limitless. And, just like your first car, you probably don’t plan to be wearing the first real fake watch you buy in a few decades’ time. In fact, you probably hope to have expanded your metaphorical garage to include gorgeous replica watches online from a few of your other favourite marques by then.
Replica Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle

Brace yourself for some properly sophisticated watchmaking – and the prices that go with it. The luxury replica Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle line was founded to bring together the nearly-three centuries of watchmaking expertise that Swiss fake Vacheron Constantin possesses and undoubtedly offers the purest forms of haute horlogerie you’ll find outside of limited editions and novelties.

Built-up over decades, with just one or two new UK fake watches added each year, the current collections spans from a relatively simplistic self-winding copy timepiece to high jewellery creations that are weeks in the making. What each does promise, however, is an elegantly refined aesthetic behind which lies some of the most impressive complications in watchmaking. Think ultra-slim movements, tourbillons, minute repeaters and perpetual calendars of best quality replica watches. Just don’t be surprised when the till rings up a price equivalent to a small house.
Fake Tag Heuer Carrera

Viewed by many as the original racing chronograph, the cheap fake Tag Heuer Carrera sped onto the scene in 1963, inspired by watchmaker Jack Heuer’s discovery of the legendary 1:1 replica TAG Heuer Carrera Panamaricana car race. Said to be Heuer’s favourite creation (a tall order given the house’s illustrious history), the TAG Heuer Carrera fake for men has been worn by driving icons, such as Jo Siffert and the Scuderia Ferrari team, as well as celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Over the years the design has been tweaked and refined, with the movement also updated to incorporate modern advancements, but the racing pedigree of this classic UK super clone timepiece remains evident. The latest additions to the collection came in 2020, when AAA quality replica Tag Heuer introduced four new models, as well as two limited editions, to celebrate its 160th anniversary. Each of the new wholesale fake watches hides a sophisticated calibre Heuer 02 automatic movement within its 44mm steel case, powering complications including a 30-minute counter,

UK Swiss made replica Vacheron Constantin has a watch exhibition you’ll actually want to leave the house for

Watch replica exhibitions, particularly those that serve as a noble but often rather dull vehicle for reminding us of just how long a brand has been around, typically have one major failing. You rock up, stare at a replica watch uk through a pane of glass and then go home. You’ve really got to love pre-war high complications – or be a watch journalist – to consider leaving the house for that.

It’s for this reason that high quality copy Vacheron Constantin’s Les Collectionneurs exhibitions of vintage copy watches for sale have always spurred more enthusiasm. Because at these, not only can you try the old timers on, but if the moment takes you, you can actually buy them too. Consumers these days want experiences – and Vacheron is here to deliver them.
News of the arrival at the brand’s Bond Street and Harrods boutiques of eleven vintage and highly collectible best Vacheron Constantin replica watches online today is therefore more noteworthy than it might be. The near half dozen are all 20th-century pieces, with highlights including an 18-carat yellow-gold minute-repeater created in 1951 (£342,000) that’s one of the last in a series of around 40 Vacheron ever produced, and a two-tone quartz 222 from 1981 (£13,000), which, while only being a bijou 25mm in diameter, will titillate the brand’s aficionados because of its significance to watch design, and its rarity.
Each of the eleven was sourced and then restored by Vacheron’s in-house teams and is sent out into the world with a digital certificate of authentication underwritten by blockchain technology, plus a two-year guarantee. That doesn’t make it the same as buying a new watch, but then if you’re acquiring the exquisite 1955 Model 6026 yellow-gold chronograph (£55,000), you probably won’t want it to be.

Quite reasonably, Les Collectionneurs is a source of considerable pride to Vacheron Constantin super clone. The venerable maison has made a big play of the fact that it will take in and restore any piece it’s ever made, even if that means re-creating parts last produced centuries ago. Of course, there’s an exponential cost attached to such a service, but even so, it’s far from universal in Swiss watchmaking and the romance attached to it is deserved. Indeed Swiss movement copy Vacheron Constantin cares about its past so much that it claims to have a private collection of 1,500 of its own historic watches.

The Les Collectionneurs collection will be open for viewings on Bond Street and at Harrods until 9 August. If you want to sample all eleven, go early – once they’re gone, they’re gone.