Interview With A Speedy Collector – UK Swiss Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches

With over 2500 posts he gathered roughly 7500 followers on his Instagram account. It will become immediately clear he’s a fake Omega Speedmaster enthusiast, although you will also find posts of his Swatches, Grand Seiko, Longines, and Rolex watches. PC is a Speedmaster enthusiast living on a continent surrounded by two oceans and three seas. He’s married with children, yet fortunate enough to still continue his passion for perfect Omega replica uk watches. His grandfather was a watch collector, his father wasn’t, so somehow this passion skipped a generation and landed with him.

PC started collecting Swatch watches in his early teens, simply because they were affordable, colorful, fun, and different from conventional watches. He collected mainly special editions like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. To this day, he still collects Swatch watches, and then some.
Obviously, you love best Omega Speedmasters replications. Why?

I recalled going through university, I was still wearing a Swatch at that time, but as I grew up I wanted a “mature person” watch. I wanted a watch that has a history behind it, so when I graduated I bought my first Omega Speedmaster fake watch with steel case as a gift to myself. I liked the fact that the Speedmaster was worn by astronauts in space, and was the first watch worn on the moon. There is so much history written and linked to the Speedmaster since the 1960s. I, for one, am fascinated by how a watch helped put humans on the moon. Plus, without revealing my age (you can sort of guess) I was born just before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. Ha Ha!
What was your first Speedmaster, and why did you buy specifically that one?

When I graduated from university, I bought a high-end Omega Speedmaster copy watch triple date chronograph (3520.50) as a gift to myself. I chose the triple date because I wanted to have the day, date, and month display. I thought the coolest feature of all, is having the 3rd hand going around the dial pointing out the current date., just like a spacecraft orbiting the moon.

Which Fine Replica Watches UK Do The Actors Of “Game Of Thrones” Wear? (III)

Charles Dance acts Tywin Lannister who is the Duck of Casterly Rock. I don’t like this role because he is full of cunning tricks and cold-heared. However, he is a popular actor, productor, director and scriptwriter in real life and he is a very low-key man. He often wears a cheap SEIKO watch with white dial and black alligator leather strap. When he attends formal or grant events, he also wears a elegant watch fake Longines. I think this edition with silvery dial and brown alligator leather strap is similar with SEIKO. Both of these two watches are simple and have black Arabic numerals and date windows at 3 o’clock.

The black strap fake watch has white dial.
Black Leather Strap Fake SEIKO Watch

The brown strap copy watch has silvery dial.
Brown Leather Strap Copy Longines Watch

The last actor I want to share with you is leading actor, Kit Harington who ats Jon Snow. Though Jon Snow once said that his watch is ended, as a charming man, he must has at least one piece of watch in real life. It is blue dial fake Omega Seamaster. The polished stainless steel watch is also very simple and low-key, but it is clear and easy to read the time because of the remarkable hour marks and hands covered with white luminant coatings.

Kit Harington ats Jon Snow.
Jon Snow

The stainless steel replica watch has blue dial.
Stainless Steel Replica Omega Seamaster Watch

Which Fine Replica Watches UK Do The Actors Of “Game Of Thrones” Wear? (II)

Sean Bean acts Eddard Stark. He was the Duke of Winterfell and the imperator in the North. He is merciful, but unfortunately was put to death by evildoers. Though he was barely in “Game of Thrones”, he still made a very deep impression. He loves Omega. Look at the blue dial fake Omega Seamaster watch made from polished stainless steel. You can see remarkable hour marks and hands covered with white luminant coating, date window at 3 o’clock and three chronograph sub-dials. Together, there are 60-minute scales on the matched blue ceramic bezel. The perfect watch can help the wearer have better control of the time.

The stainless steel replica watches have blue dials.
Round Replica Omega Seamaster Watch

Pedro Pascal acts Oberyn Martell whose military skill stands out conspicuously. He has a piece of white dial copy Santos De Cartier watch. This stainless steel watch has a additional blue alligator leather strap. On the silvery dial, there are black Roman numerals, blue sword-shaped hands and date window at 6 o’clock.

The stainless steel fake watches have white dials.
Rectangle Fake Santos De Cartier Watch